SCTE Welcomes You

Jennifer Silver, SCTE PresidentWelcome to SCTE’s website. We hope you will find it a valuable resource that you will want to check regularly.

This is a time of change, and we hope SCTE, CATE and NCTE will provide the resources that will help you be a leader in making changes and adopting ideas that will positively affect your students.

With the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), English teachers have an opportunity to spread the mantra of critical reading across all content areas. They will have the opportunity to incorporate more non-fiction reading and writing into their curriculum and to increase the rigor in their classrooms through interaction with varied and scaffolded texts. They will have the opportunity to lead students through more varied writing assignments for different audiences, preparing our students for writing later in their lives.

SCTE’s fall conferences are addressing the CCSS with keynote addresses and a range of workshops on topics that help ground teachers in the basic tenets of the CCSS and that provide ideas and techniques that attendees can use immediately.

Another change is the new emphasis on technology. With many districts buying tablets or computers for all their students, we know that some schools and districts are undergoing major changes involving students. Many of our own SCTE members – often representing private or non-traditional schools – are ahead of the pack when it comes to using technology, and they are generously offering their experience and resources to bring the technologically-challenged up to date. This is a subject that will continue to broaden in the next few years, as more teachers learn innovative and effective ways to motivate and teach our students through technology.

The financial drought we suffered is easing now, and school districts are making more funds available for professional development, classroom supplies, and technology. As districts plan how to use those funds, we need to discuss what is needed and offer a united front to our legislators and administrators to support student learning.

And, with the changing testing demands – both with the shift to CCSS and the changing indicators of school performance – English teachers need to work together to make sure that student success is the target and that fair policies are implemented for everyone to succeed.

SCTE and CATE are excellent resources, and I encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities they offer:

  • SCTE's Fall Conference (October 2017)
  • SCTE's Board meetings where we plan activities and discuss issues;
  • CATE's annual convention (March 9–11, 2018, San Diego, "With Literacy and Justice for All");
  • CATE's award-winning California English professional publication;
  • Professional and student writing contests, and more

Through these, you will meet other caring, progressive teachers and form lasting friendships and connections that are invaluable as you enjoy this profession.

I encourage you to read, attend, get involved, meet other professionals through SCTE. Call me to discuss opportunities in SCTE.

Jennifer Silver, President