SCTE Welcomes You

Jennifer Silver, SCTE President

Welcome to SCTE’s website. We hope you will find it a valuable resource that you will want to check regularly.

This is a time of change, and we hope SCTE, CATE, and NCTE will provide the resources that will help you be a leader in making changes and adopting ideas that will positively affect your students.

As you’ll see, SCTE’s latest events reflect partnerships with museums, libraries, and universities.  A complete listing of our 2019-2020 events will be available by the end of October, but in the meantime, check out our excellent fall roundtable, “Taking the Fear Out of Writing and Research” at Cal State Long Beach for inspiration!

SCTE and CATE are excellent resources, and I encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful membership opportunities they offer:

Discounted rates on all SCTE events and discounted CATE Annual Convention registration;
SCTE's Board Meetings, where we plan activities and discuss issues.  The public is welcome here, so no formal membership required;
CATE's Annual Convention (February 21-23, 2020 in Los Angeles, "ELA Confidential: Investigating Teaching, Texts, and Truths;”
CATE's award-winning California English professional publication;
Professional and student writing contests…and more.

Through these, you will meet other caring, progressive teachers and form lasting friendships and connections that are invaluable as you enjoy this dynamic profession.

I encourage you to read, attend, get involved, and meet other professionals through SCTE. Feel free to email me to discuss leadership opportunities in SCTE too.

Write on,
Jennifer Silver, President