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Our members include English language arts teachers working in both public and private school settings, student and pre-service teachers, literacy coaches, reading and writing specialists, as well as retired English teachers. We are always looking for new members and fresh ideas!

Why join SCTE?

SCTE offers opportunities for professional collaboration with other English teachers across the region, as well as access to professional resources (trade journals and other publications). SCTE membership includes CATE membership, which includes discounted rates at both the CATE and SCTE professional conferences.

SCTE offers the chance to share your expertise and to gain the expertise of others outside your own school and your own school district.

SCTE enables you to use your leadership and creative skills to help plan and conduct valuable activities that add to the professional development of our members.

SCTE offers the chance to make a difference in our profession beyond the commitment you've made to your own students and your own school community. We would love to get to know you and find out all that you have to offer!

Application to join SCTE/CATE
(SCTE is the local affiliate of CATE. Southland residents who join CATE are automatically members of SCTE.)

Resources for Members


SCTE is an affiliate of CATE. If you are a member of SCTE, you enjoy all the benefits of membership in CATE.